Monday, August 7, 2023

The Many Lives of Mama Love

Lara Love is going to jail. It has always been in the back recesses of her mind as she furtively swiped credit cards from unsuspecting neighbors and fancy cars in the school parking lot. She is a blonde, attractive, mother of four and appears as a typical soccer mom carrying snacks for the game. The truth was that Lara and her husband, DJ, spent every waking moment getting money - to get the drugs - to shoot up H every chance they got. They are addicts barely functioning as parents. They have drained their business, savings and any resources or credit  they had in the white collar world. Growing up in a dysfunctional unloving home, Lara dreamed of becoming a writer and a mother, to be able to give her kids the things she hungered for in this world. Now it is too late. The jig is up. She is going to jail with 32 felony counts and so is DJ. Her youngest, who is only three, is stunned as the police drag Lara away from his flailing arms. Determined to get through this nightmare and keep her kids, Lara must quickly figure out this complicated and bizarre hierarchy called prison. Terrified at first, Lara learns a lot about herself through these women, most who have been abused and bullied their entire lives. They just want to be heard and she is a good listener, hence the new nickname - Mama Love. When she is finally released Lara must create a new life for herself and her children with little support and no money, but most importantly she must face life without the addiction that nearly destroyed her. This smart, sensitive, beautifully written memoir is an honest retelling of a life worth living. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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