Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Recently retired English professor Antonia Vega is struggling after the death of her beloved husband Sam. Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, English is her second language but platitudes from her favorite authors swirl through her mind and like fortune cookies as she doles out wise words garnered from years of studying. Favorite students and books have nurtured her life while Sam, a compassionate physician, took care of the rest of the world. As she contemplates her suddenly solitary life in this quiet Vermont farming town Antonia begs Sam for a sign and channels his choices and feelings - always easier to say what Sam would do? One day a sad pregnant teenager, the girlfriend of a local migrant worker from the farm next door shows up at her house. She is pregnant, terrified and Mario has all but abandoned her. As one of the only Spanish speaking locals how can Antonia send her away? To further add to her distress Antonia’s eldest and often erratic sister, Izzy, never arrives at the birthday celebration sending the remaining three sisters on a wild goose chase. A teacher, wife, sister and immigrant, her once ordered world has been turned upside down. Deciding who comes first - Antonia must dig deep in her heart to figure out who she will be in this after life. A sensitive and fast paced story of family, diversity and self identity narrated in poetic prose by internationally bestselling Dominican- American author Julia Alvarez. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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