Friday, August 18, 2023

A Shot in the Dark

Back in Brooklyn after a self exile of almost a decade, Ely Cohen is ready to start a new life. Renting a room with two artsy characters she met online, Ely will begin a prestigious summer photography program with none other than Wyatt Cole, an infamous yet reclusive artist. In honor of her first night back east her roomies take her dancing at a queer nightclub nearby. She proceeds to have a very hot one night stand with a gorgeous man, never even learning his name. When Ely arrives at class the next morning Mr. Hottie does too … as her teacher. Not a great start to Ely’s new life. Disowned years ago by her religious family, struggling to stay clean after years of drug addiction - Ely is good at one thing, photography. Wyatt quickly convinces Ely it would be unfair and unethical to remain her teacher but he can be her friend and mentor. Wyatt has his own complicated past after coming out as transgender and leaving behind everyone from his early life. As Ely flourishes with her art and faces the challenges of her religious background, she deeply questions her beliefs and ability to be loved. This author found a magical way to connect the reader deep into the lives of these multifaceted extremely likable characters. I found myself mesmerized by the powerful connection Ely and Wyatt experienced while facing challenges I knew little about. Highly recommend this well written and beautiful love story. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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