Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Check & Mate

Mallory Greenleaf hasn’t touched a chessboard in four years. Obsessed throughout childhood, too many bad memories linger to face those 16 pieces again. The loss of her father, her mother’s health issues and her two younger sister’s demands are more than enough to fill her days. As her best friend Easton is preparing to leave for college she begs Mallory to help with a fundraiser situation she has gotten herself into. A chess match to raise money for a good cause, how can she say no? As luck would have it, Mallory is seated across from Nolan Sawyer, alarmingly handsome and currently ranked #1 in the world. And she proceeds to crush him. Shocking the audience, she quickly makes a comeback and receives offers she cannot refuse. Mallory is once again pulled into the electrifying world of chess. But the closer she gets to victory, the more guilt haunts her. Painful memories push any chance of joy aside. As Mallory focuses on taking care of her family, Sawyer becomes harder and harder to ignore. Maybe its a win-win. Absolutely mind-blowing how chess, which I know little about, could be a page turner - but author Ali Hazelwood pulls us in with delicious quirky characters and a birds eye view of one of the oldest games in the world. Intelligent, fun and just a little spicy, don’t be fooled by the YA genre or chess, if thats not your jam. I couldn’t put this one down! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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