Friday, June 16, 2023


June and Athena attended Yale together. They weren’t exactly best friends but shared the same dorm and had a few classes together, as they both were set to be writers. Some years later they find themselves in Washington DC. While June had one low profile book published to a minimal audience, tall beautiful Athena Liu had bestseller after bestseller, this Asian-American author became a media sensation. It has always bewildered June why a woman of these credentials would want to be her friend but to her surprise Athena makes a concerted effort to maintain the relationship. Secretly filled with jealousy, June cannot resist sharing even a moment of Athena’s radiant spotlight. One evening after way too many drinks the women find themselves in Athena’s fancy apartment. After a shocking accident, Athena is dead. June has witnessed this horrific tragedy. She also witnessed Athena’s latest manuscript - which she swore no-one had read yet - on the desk. June swipes this latest unfinished masterpiece and calls 911. She completes the novel and edits upon edits, she makes it her own. Her agent creates a frenzy of interest. The novel shoots to the top of the bestsellers list and now Athena’s ghost is stalking her. People talk and the talk goes viral. June must decide how far she can take these fabricated explanations and accolades. Yellowface is a completely unique story told in first person about diversity, racism, cultural expectations and the horrors of viral misinformation and viscous social media mob mentality. I could not put this one down. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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