Wednesday, June 28, 2023

None of This is True

Josie Fair is celebrating her 45th birthday. She and her much older husband Walter have dinner at a chic London pub, not their typical fare. Nearby is a large boisterous group of people also celebrating a woman’s birthday. The birthday woman is beautiful and sophisticated and Josie cannot stop staring. They coincidentally wind up in the loo at the same time and Josie introduces herself. Immediately announcing that they are birthday twins and it turns out - born at the very same hospital. Josie begins a little innocent online stalking of this perfect woman named Alix Summer who has a very successful podcast with a large following. She gets the idea in her head that Alix should do a podcast about her life. Josie thinks it is time to be truthful with the world and her birthday has prompted her to reveal the dark secrets that have been lurking since the day she met her much older husband. Josie quickly reappears and smoothly persuades Alix to the podcast idea. She immerses herself fully into Alix’s daily life and her psyche. Alix admits things are not as perfect in the Summer home as they appear. As the women work on “Hi! I’m Your Birthday Twin!” podcast their power struggle for who is in charge of the narrative becomes apparent. Alix gets pulled deeper and deeper into this horrifyingly dysfunctional family and no longer knows who is telling the truth. Unable to let go, Alix tries her best to complete the podcast as the race to the finish line becomes deadly. This page turner is full of unexpected plot twists and turns at every chapter. It moves really fast and is an addictive summer thriller! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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