Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Same Time Next Summer

Sam loves her eclectic parents but her fiancĂ© Jack can only tolerate their “artsy fartsy” ways in small doses. As artists/teachers they live in Manhattan and spend summers at their longtime Long Island beach house. Sam cherished her idyllic summers spent there when she was a kid. Back then, as the youngest of the group she was shy and often on her own until she met the boy next door, Wyatt. His family also summered at the beach and the two became inseparable. As the years passed Sam and Wyatt fell in love. First time romance can be hard on the heart, especially when it ends without closure. Over a decade later Sam and Jack venture out to the beach house searching for the perfect wedding venue. With their lives and schedules perfectly organized, Sam and Jack are rather rigid compared to beach life and hippie habits of mom and dad. Already nervous about the outcome, Sam is shocked when she hears guitar music coming from next door. After all these years Wyatt is back. She never imagined seeing him again after he moved to California. She never thought her heart would beat so loudly. Maybe she needs closure to go forward with the wedding. Maybe she still has feelings for her first love. As Sam painstakingly selects every detail for her wedding, the real question haunts her -  is she marrying the right guy. This read is quick and fun. It does not have the sharp wit of Nora Goes Off Script but its a solid, sweet beach read. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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