Thursday, June 29, 2023

Go As A River

In the 1940’s Victoria (Torie) Nash is just a teenager. She lives with her aging father, mean spirited brother and angry uncle on a 47 acre well known peach farm in Iola, Colorado. Every day is the same routine. Waking before the sun, working hard all day and knowing exactly when it is time to pick the peaches. After her Mother and Aunt die in a horrible accident, Torie finds herself the only woman on this isolated rambling farm, spending every moment amongst the men; cooking, cleaning and caring for the peaches. One day retrieving some items from the general store in town, Torie meets a Native American drifter called Wilson Moon. He is the first person to show Torie interest and kindness. He is beautiful and she feels an immediate sense of peace spending time with him. When nosey racist neighbors and her brother suspect her special friendship, Wilson disappears. For years Torie fights the demons and guilt of their relationship. In the end it is the peaches that take her away, the peaches that save her life. Through the gorgeous descriptions of the rugged valleys and mountains of Colorado, Torie learns to finally forgive herself as she never stops searching for love. Truly hard to imagine this is a debut novel, simply beautiful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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