Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

One of Nory’s closest school friends is getting married just before Christmas. The wedding will be a week long event at a castle near the private school they attended, a sort of reunion. It is also in the small unassuming village Nory grew up in. Nory was a scholarship student at a very posh school outside London. Always a good student some people, namely her older brother, never got over the rift created when Nory’s friend group included a wealthy bunch of extremely entitled and outspoken classmates. Years later, constantly juggling expectations from two separate worlds, Nory leaves her unfulfilling well paid job. She opens up a bookshop called Serendipitous Seconds, filled with collectibles and rarities, now leading a quiet, bookish life. Arriving at the castle Nory recognizes the gardener Isaac. Both her brother’s longtime friend and her childhood tormentor she steers clear of any potential conflict. As the festivities get underway she accidentally crosses paths with Isaac. Suffice to say Isaac is handsome, charming and no longer a boy. Just as Nory reconsiders her past relationships and rather lonely foreseeable future, she runs into this hottie right under the mistletoe. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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