Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Holiday Romance

Chicago is a long way from Dublin for Molly. Studying abroad was her chance to start over independent from her identical twin sister and small suffocating life in Ireland. Its Christmas break and Molly’s flight is packed. Sitting in the seat next to her is none other than Andrew, her roommates soon to be ex-boyfriend. To soften the blow she knows is coming, Molly is extra nice to this adorable seat mate. Their airplane tradition begins. For ten years Andrew and Molly are terrific friends. They drink bad wine, exchange silly gifts and catch up on their latest hookups or lack thereof. Their transatlantic flight becomes a same time next year  start to the holidays. A decade later, it’s their flightaversary and Molly, now a successful lawyer has secretly purchased first class upgrades! One delay after another the weather has become blizzard like conditions. Molly is stressed but Andrew is devastated. Holidays with his large family in Ireland is something he looks forward to all year. Molly cannot bear to disappoint him and vows she will do whatever it takes to get her friend home in time for Christmas. Through laugh out loud travel mishap after mishap (all too real!) the two Irish darlings try to make their way home. This completely delicious holiday friends to lovers romcom is the perfect stocking stuffer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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