Sunday, November 27, 2022


It’s almost Christmas, the first without their mother. Henry, Kate and Martin have gathered at Henry’s house in upstate NY. They have brought their spouses and children to Henry’s trying their best to emulate holiday cheer when in their own private ways they deeply grieve the loss of their mother. Kate, who outwardly appears most affected, strives to mimic the small details of ornaments, photos and traditional holiday dishes. Kate announces that she and her broke trust fund baby husband have decided they would like to live in their mother’s Florida home to raise their family and propose to slowly buy out the other siblings. The conflict begins. Siblings often behave as their younger selves when their respective tribes gather. Spouses rarely understand the true underlying source but are quick to take sides, the oblivious children easily entertain themselves with food and mischief. Feeling orphaned, the core of grief emerges from their loss leaving these siblings to face how differently their memories have formed their adult selves. Even though there is no doubt they love each other, grudges and jealousies of the past make it nearly impossible to find a peaceful solution. Although the story line is palpable, there were so very many characters and backstories I found it exhausting. The writing is good and I had no trouble finishing but I’m on the fence recommending. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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