Sunday, November 27, 2022

Home for Christmas

Piper McCauley inherits her family’s lodge in Wander, Alaska. She has spent her entire life at Great Expectations, initially with her parents who were tragically lost in a plane crash then as a bush pilot helping her beloved grandmother run the lodge. They cater to trophy hunters offering them exclusive treks into this remote and often desolate wilderness. One day Piper is caught up in a blizzard searching for her guests who may have meandered too far in this uncertain weather. She is rescued and awakens to a group of men who offer to take her in until the weather subsides. They bring her to Great Expectations where she meets her grandmother Marina as a young woman. It is 1945. As confusing as it seems, Piper cannot reveal that she is from the future. She does not know how she got there but these sweet hospitable people would think she was absolutely crazy! Not to mention the priceless opportunity to spend time with her Gran and great grandparents. They call her Pippy and she blames the absurd circumstances on amnesia. Borrowing Marina’s clothing and curling each other’s hair, a remarkable friendship blooms helping Piper understand much more about her family and painful recent loss. When an unexpected romance blossoms with a local war hero Piper questions whether she was meant to stay in this alternate reality forever. Whether she lands in the past, present or future Piper is determined to celebrate Christmas with a full heart. Don’t miss this fast paced holiday fun with a time travel twist! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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