Wednesday, March 30, 2022

56 Days

56 days ago Ciara and Oliver meet while waiting on line at a small grocery shop in Dublin. He admires her NASA tote bag, a quick conversation starter of rockets that leads to a walk, some coffee and invitation for a date. Ciara cannot believe her luck. She is rather shy, new to Dublin and Oliver is extremely handsome and charming. Days later Ireland is threatening official lockdown for the COVID virus. It jeopardizes their newfound friendship, something they desperately crave as pandemic restrictions of isolation continue to escalate. Very quickly, most likely too quickly, Ciara moves into Oliver’s apartment so they can work remotely and continue to get to know each other. To avoid confrontation Ciara doesn’t tell her sister or friends. Oliver appears quite content in their little bubble. He is more at ease than she has seen him since their initial meeting. Their romance blossoms but small clues Ciara can no longer ignore present themselves daily and she begins to snoop. Weeks later when a neighbor complains of a horrifying smell emanating down the hall the detectives arrive. A decomposing body is discovered in the bathroom. The apartment is wiped clean. As Oliver’s identity comes to light this perfect storm sheds new focus on a story that was buried long ago. Highly recommend this fast paced thriller, twists and turns until the bitter end.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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