Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A Dance in Donegal

Having never traveled outside of Boston, Moira Doherty spent her entire life listening to her mother’s endearing stories of home in Ireland. In the summer of 1920 her mother passes and Moira is left all alone with only one hope. Before her mother’s death she applied for Moira to become the schoolteacher in the small village of Ballyman where she was raised. Terrified of starting a new life in a faraway land, Moira leans on her faith and courage to make the long difficult journey. She has completed all her teaching certificates, loves working with children and has dreamed of visiting the land where her ancestors were born. Upon her arrival, Moira discovers an unfamiliar superstitious culture, not always welcoming to newcomers. Slowly making friends and getting settled, an Irishman named Sean comes to thatch the roof of her cottage. Immediately struck by his warm and handsome smile, Sean becomes her greatest supporter as she struggles to fit in. When whispers float around town it can no longer be denied that something in her mother’s past caused her to leave in a hurry. Moira cannot move forward with her own dreams until she uncovers the secrets of the past. This brave young woman who has traveled a long way leans into her faith to find her true calling. Sweet, thoughtful, simple story bringing every detail of Ireland’s magnificent landscape, food and language to life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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