Sunday, June 6, 2021

Malibu Rising

In the 1950’s Malibu was nothing but a sleepy beach town. June worked in her parents small fish restaurant. She dreamed of a bigger better life, one where she was not wiping down tables and serving up fried clams and French fries. The day Mick Riva entered her life that was all about to change. A few years older and dangerously handsome, Mick swept June off her feet with dreams of life as the wife of the famous singer he was destined to become. June ate it up and was married and pregnant quicker than she thought possible. Mick’s dreams did come true - the ones of fame and fortune - but their marriage was an awful rollercoaster leaving June struggling with four children and a drinking problem. Flash forward, it is 1983 and Nina, Jay, Hud and Kit are beautiful, world renowned and throwing the biggest party of the summer. Nina, the eldest hosts this annual bash fascinating the entire town and Hollywood scene. Anyone who is anyone wants a coveted invite. As the chapters flash between the present day of the party and a past these siblings often try to forget, the infamous aura of their father Mick shadows their every move. Great writing, cool characters and depth of treasured sibling bonds, this book had me glued to my chair for the first 50%. Unfortunately, it was downhill from there. Probably an editing issue, it got messy, brought in too many unnecessary characters late in the game and I was patiently waiting to get off this ride. So unexpectedly mediocre after the incredible Daisy Jones. ⭐⭐⭐

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