Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Love For beginners

The morning Emma Harris crossed a busy street with a semi hidden stop sign was the last day of life as she knew it, commonly known as BC - Before Coma. Eventually waking and surviving a multitude of complicated painful surgeries, Emma reenters the real world. Still a little shaky she was a miracle walking on her own when the experts doubted she ever would stroll these streets again. Her evil, albeit sexy, physical therapist had a lot to do with that. Simon pushed and pushed and pushed some more. Combined with Emma’s determination she exceeded everyones expectations. But a year is a long time and while she has lost her job, best friend and fiancĂ© (to the ex best friend) starting over as Emma 2.0 is a pretty scary endeavor. Once again, Simon to the rescue, finding Emma the perfect apartment and always supporting her decisions, no questions asked - that is until the day feelings surface that Emma hasn’t faced in a long time. When the two continue their standard therapy routine the sudden electricity between them is undeniable, the fire in her belly is real and the crush on Simon she has suppressed will no longer be still. My first Jill Shalvis, but not my last - this adorable summer romance (very much reminding me of How to Walk Away) was an easy, breezy day at the beach. ⭐⭐⭐

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