Saturday, May 29, 2021

That Summer

Daisy Shoemaker met Hal during her last year of college. Swept away by his maturity, generosity, good looks and her very first orgasm made his proposal a no brainer. Initially planning to redecorate their home and delight him with exceptional cooking skills, Daisy never did finish Rutgers and was pregnant soon after. Living in an upscale neighborhood outside Philadelphia was exciting but Daisy had trouble fitting in and making new friends. The more independent her daughter Beatrice became, the lonelier Daisy felt. Success with her small cooking business could not compete with Hal’s long hours and his patronizing pat on the head. Daisy begins an unexpected friendship with an email incorrectly sent to her address. A woman with the name Diana - her name before Hal dubbed her Daisy years ago. As their correspondence increased she learned that Diana Starling was everything she dreamed of; a successful business consultant wearing stylish clothes and traveling the world. The closer they get, Daisy realizes their meeting was planned and calculated. Desperate to learn the truth about Diana and her connection to the past will drastically change the future for them all. You must struggle through the beginning when the two Diana’s are initially introduced which is a bit confusing. The teeny tiny connection to her  last book also set in Cape Cod is minute so don’t spend time going down that rabbit hole. Overall, a good story leaning towards some serious issues but there is very little mystery so the reader is just in waiting mode. Enjoyable enough but not the blockbuster I was hoping to read. ⭐⭐⭐

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