Thursday, June 17, 2021

A Special Place For Women

Jillian Beckley is a journalist out of work. After spending every waking moment of the last few years taking care of her mother and writing for a NY newspaper, she needs the next big story to get back in the game. Jillian attends her best friend’s restaurant opening. Raf has recently become the “it” chef of the city and the room is filled with the less than 1%. When she is introduced to a gorgeous girl boss - her plans spiral into place. Supposedly, there is all female club rumored to be exclusive and powerful with a scandalous mayoral election in their wake. Journalist Jillian cannot resist and decides to infiltrate this club and write a piece that will set her career on fire. Encouraged by her ex-editor and with Raf’s much needed fake boyfriend support Jillian is off on her mission. Surprised at first by the astrology these women swear by, Jillian is further shocked when she learns the inner circle is filled with magic potions and outrageous spells. The deeper she dives, the more confusing her already messy world becomes. It is hard to tell if her feelings for Raf and danger lurking at her door are real or imagined. Romance, witchery and a little bit of figure it out - I could not put down this surprisingly entertaining novel. Highly recommend this wholly original breath of fresh air. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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