Saturday, March 27, 2021

Yellow Wife

Pheby Delores Brown was born on a plantation in Charles City, Virginia. As the daughter of both a slave and the white Master, Pheby is educated and promised freedom when she turns 18 years old. Heartbroken after her mother’s death, Pheby finds herself turned over to the auction block by Master’s evil wife. At the infamous Devil’s Half-Acre prison notorious jailer Rubin Lapier quickly notices Pheby’s beauty and demands her ownership. She must now figure out how to survive as Mistress of the jail, a brutal and horrible center where slaves are viciously beaten and sold to the highest bidder. Sacrificing everything she once dreamed of, Pheby will do what she must to guarantee the protection of her children and their precarious futures. Amid the filth and dehumanization she is forced to witness on a daily basis, Pheby finds the strength to play along with her role never forgetting what she must ultimately accomplish. This fast paced, heartbreaking novel is loosely based on the true story of Mary Lumpkin and her life at the actual Devil’s Half-Acre. An important and beautifully written novel by author Sadeqa Johnson, Yellow Wife is an absolute must read. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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