Thursday, March 18, 2021

Everything After

Fifteen years ago Emily’s life changed forever. A devastating accident caused Emily to sacrifice her aspiring musical career and college sweetheart Rob simultaneously. Emily remapped her future becoming a therapist and marrying Ezra, a handsome, brilliant doctor she met at the hospital. They live a happy existence and are trying to conceive when Emily hears a song on the radio and is instantly mesmerized by the words of love whispered long ago. Tracking down Rob, Emily is unsure whether she is the girl he still pines for and if this road she has traveled is leading her back to her former self. Questioning all of her decisions Emily faces Ezra’s jealousy and fears his discovery of the past he knows little about. Written in very short chapters (which I loved) and POV from all the main characters, I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced smooth transition describing Emily’s past and present. Unfortunately, I was disappointed at the end. Unlike her bestseller The Light We Lost, which is one of my all time favorite romances, I feel this one fell short wrapping up a tidy ending that was predictable and not tissue worthy.  ⭐⭐⭐

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