Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thin Girls

Rose and Lily Winters are identical twins. Their parents are in a dysfunctional marriage. The mother, often cold, distant and obsessed with her weight didn’t stick around for long. Their father battled his own demons and pacified himself with alcohol. Rose and Lily only had each other. They were inseparable and their love ran deep and strong. As they approached high school their sameness became an obstacle and the twins subconsciously fought against the tides with food. Rose completely eliminating it and Lily gorging herself with it. Flash forward and at 24, just as Rose approaches her one year anniversary at the rehabilitation facility she swindles her escape to help Lily. It is finally her turn to do the saving. This debut novel by Diana Clark is well written, disturbing, scary and hard to put down. It is not an easy read. Anorexia and an array of eating disorders are horrible diseases and sadly prevalent in society today. From a very young age the media, our peers and often our own families distort the way we see ourselves. While the book focuses largely on Rose’s disorder it equally emphasizes the extraordinary bond between sisters and friends. With a distinctive voice this remarkable story unfolds and I am really glad I read it. 

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