Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Last Flight

Claire is married to a powerful man, a politician through and through. Although it began as a whirlwind romance a decade ago, their marriage is now a sham. Rory’s words slowly turned cruel and over the years became physical. The abuse Claire succumbed to overwhelmed every aspect of her life. Once upon a time this beautiful, independent woman had a career and friends. Rory has taken that all away. She  represents the family foundation and nothing Claire does meets her husband’s expectations. Claire finds herself at JFK airport being sent on yet another Cook Foundation task. Last minute changes alter her route and Claire’s meticulously crafted plan to disappear through Canada is upended. When an unexpected opportunity falls at her feet, she cannot resist. Switch places and tickets with a complete stranger, a woman named Eva. As this suspenseful thriller twists and turns in the most unexpected ways, freedom lies just up ahead. The question is … for whom. Could not put down this irresistible read. Narrated by both woman The Last Flight will take you far far away from the daily grind. Highly recommend this FABULOUS FIVE STAR summer read!! 

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