Tuesday, July 14, 2020


As Liza Miller is about to turn 50 she returns from her cabin in the woods and publishes a novel, loosely disguised story of her life posing as a younger woman in the workplace. Sound familiar? The little troupe had split in many directions; Sexy Josh concentrating on his successful business in Brooklyn, Maggie now a mom and Kelsey is quickly building her career in Los Angeles as a producer. It is time for Liza to once again reinvent herself and more than anything she wants the truth to set her free. When Kelsey ops her book for a TV show, Liza heads west and gets caught up in an LA movie star crush. With all the fun flirting and crazy antics of Younger, this group never fails to entertain. Fans will go wild for this sequel to a show we wait for with bated breath. Pure rom-com enjoyment, an absolute must read for the beach this summer. Thank you Pamela Redmond, just the right amount of “Take me away!" during these crazy times!

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