Friday, July 31, 2020

How To Date A Younger Man

Layne is a beautiful young woman living in Los Angeles. She has worked diligently her entire life to become a success. Now, in her mid 30’s, Layne works long hours establishing a name for her small law firm, defending clients and putting out small fires late into the night. But Layne knows there is something missing. Although surrounded by people all day, she finds herself feeling lonely. Dating has become an anxiety producing online battlefield and her therapist assures her that she has forgotten how to just have a good time. When Layne unexpectedly meets her friends younger brother who is a grad student, there are fireworks she has never experienced before. Griffin is painfully handsome, smart, sexy and - ten years younger - she could never .… Could she? This take-me-away read is an absolutely delicious break from reality. Have fun with this hot one!

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