Monday, March 30, 2020

The Red Lotus

It is late on Saturday night when Austin turns up in the busy ER where Alexis is working the night shift. This pretty, intelligent doctor expertly cares for his arm and feels lucky to learn that this handsome charming guy works in the hospital administration office. Six months later they are exclusively dating and enjoying an exciting cycling adventure vacation in Viet Nam. Austin, an avid biker, heads out on his own one morning to pay respects at the exact location his uncle died and father was injured during the war. When Austin is late returning, Alexis becomes worried. When Austin disappears, she panics. The truth becomes harder and harder to grasp when every clue leads to a dead end. It would be so much easier to walk away from this mess but as more details are revealed Alexis begins to see patterns and is determined to find out the truth. This suspenseful thriller takes the reader through the hills of Viet Nam and busy streets of New York, following FBI agents, a worthy private detective and clever cast of suspects. Could not put down and highly recommend this well written, fast paced mystery that hit a little too close to home during these trying times. 

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