Monday, March 23, 2020

Bimini Rocks

Sirena, a mermaid actress and avid scuba diver from Florida, arrives at Isabelle’s Hideaway ready to explore the beautiful waters of Bimini, a magical chain of islands in the westernmost district of the Bahamas. Isabelle, her dear friend and hotel proprietor has arranged for Sirena to dive with her handsome brother Blue. He immediately takes Sirena to visit a secret cave he found near the reef and rock formations on the unexplained Road to Atlantis. For hundreds of years the story of the sunken city has filled the dreams of every historian and fantasizer in the area, these divers included. Unexplained severe shaking underwater leads the duo to investigate explosions that resulted from an array of illegal business activities threatening the nature of this lovely island. Submerge yourself in history, marine life, suspense and even a little romance with this fast paced underwater adventure. Thoroughly enjoyed this debut author (scuba diver!) and easy read. Perfect getaway - especially if you are stuck at home! 

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