Monday, March 23, 2020


Challenge: To break the speed record (FKT - Fastest Known Time) running the 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail. He would have to run nearly 50 miles a day, every single day for, 46 days. After many accolades and more than twenty years competing, speaking and writing, Scott felt he was at a point in his life that needed another challenge. Scott Jurek, world renowned distance runner sets out in the spring of 2015 with his best friend/wife Jenny, to accomplish this great feat. While Jenny would provide supplies, meals and directions she also assisted Scott through injury, sleeplessness, bad weather and unwelcome strangers. Narrated by both Jenny and Scott this memoir reveals the depths of their marriage and the magnificent terrain they pass through. Friends of the most interesting nature meet up with them along the way offering motivation and advice. The physical demands strip Scott of every ounce of energy he tries to maintain but he once again proves to athletes everywhere how the mind controls so much of our bodies. A beautiful journey through nature, this tale of friendship and perseverance will equally inspire runners and non-runners alike.

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