Monday, March 23, 2020

And They Called it Camelot

In 1952 Jacqueline Bouvier was a highly educated, multilingual, beautiful young woman working at the Washington Times Herald, when John F. Kennedy asks her out for a drink. The very charming and extraordinarily handsome Congressman from Massachusetts quickly swept her off her feet and a year later they were married. On to the Senate and then campaigning for Presidency, Jackie became an integral part of John’s team. Embracing her role with diplomatic ease, this well dressed woman with a refined manner and brilliant smile won the hearts of every American. Jackie’s road is rocky from the start. Her all encompassing love and devotion to both John and his family is often overwhelming and arduous, but Jackie appears to manage even the very dark side with exceptional grace. This touching portrayal of her life, from her fictional perspective is riveting and tearful. Her public persona, deep desire to contribute to society and unwavering love for her children, John Jr. and Caroline, make this novel an unforgettable journey. Exceptional author Stephanie Marie Thornton brings the Kennedy’s to life - every word and nuance captures the magic of this golden family, the closest we have to American royalty. Highly recommend this fabulous new read! FIVE STARS!!!

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