Friday, February 9, 2018

The Queen of Hearts

Zadie and Emma are best friends throughout medical school and residency. Now they are successfully ensconced in quaint Charlotte, North Carolina. Both happily married with wonderful husbands, children and vibrant careers. Small flashbacks in time describe the personalities and relationships of these two very different women compared to their present day persona. When Dr. X appears back in their lives, everything is turned upside down. He has relocated to join Emma’s practice. Zadie has never recovered from the brutal way Nick broke her heart years ago and she has never discussed it with her adoring husband. Nick’s sudden appearance seems both suspicious and spiteful and Zadie avoids him at all costs. There is an accident at the country club where the two friends save a life and later one with a small child of a very prominent family, where they do not. Although I liked the characters and realistic struggles through school and training, I am not sure what this is about. Its a little bit of a lot of things but something feels missing. There is a dark secret that comes to light in the end but it feels rushed and contrived to wrap up a neat package. I’m on the literary fence. 

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