Friday, February 9, 2018

Eternal Life

Rachel is 2000 years old. Many many years ago, to save the life of their first son who was very ill, Rachel and her lover Elazar make a vow to sacrifice their own death in exchange for his life. The child survives and becomes a famous and wise sage. But it is much later that Rachel and Elazar fully understand what it means to never die. To live life over and over and over. In present day, while humans are looking for every which way to look, live and remain young, Rachel is searching for a way to die. She has had dozens of husbands, hundreds of children and grandchildren. She has watched life go by over and over and over. And as beautiful as it can be at times, the pain is exhausting. Through the ages Elazar comes in and out of her life remaining the only soul who knows their secret and understands her heart. Finally, in present day, when her favorite granddaughter is a geneticist, Rachel thinks she may have found a way out. Author Dara Horn gets five stars for originality and her beautiful writing. This book is touted as hilarious but I would not use that to label this bizarre, peculiar, unusual book. There are great characters. There is a lot of biblical history. It is easy to read and there is certainly a lot to think about. 

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