Friday, February 9, 2018

Begin Again

Allie is a freshman searching for an apartment in a small college town. She hasn’t exactly “run away” from home but has started this journey against her parents wishes. She is determined to leave her troubled past and start over with a new name, new friends and positive outlook for the future she is creating. As door after door closes, panic sets in along with idea of having to sleep in her car. On the last look of the day, the guy that stands in front of Allie takes her breath away. He is beautiful, tattoos lining his muscular arms and a smile that could stop traffic. Kaden is rude, snappy and instantly tells her no way. Allie wheedles in for a quick tour, trying hard not to seem desperate, knowing that she most certainly is. And so begins the romance between Allie and Kaden. The discovery of real friendship and past secrets that could tear them apart. Does this sound corny enough for you? Bad boy, sweet girl fall in love against the odds, etc etc It may be picking up a book at the right moment or a memory that startles your senses but I read this seemingly teen romance, translated from German, in one straight sitting. The conversation flowed and the pages turned and before I knew it I was taken away if only for the day. Highly recommend and enjoyed this quick break from reality. Interestingly, this is a trilogy but it seems only this first one has been brought to the US.

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