Friday, February 9, 2018

Still Me

Louisa Clark is still our favorite girl next door. After climbing her way out of the sadness and loss of Will Traynor, Louisa decides to follow his sage advice and accepts a job in NYC. She is to be an assistant to a wealthy young woman on Fifth Avenue. The Gopnik’s seem to have it all if you are counting dollars but the fighting, sadness and remnants of a bitter divorce from the first Mrs. Gopnik have left a very large black hole in the middle of their fancy rug. Louisa’s spunk and brand new outlook help Agnes overcome or at least manage some of her social obstacles. But as Lou falls deeper into the Central Park world of limousines and charity balls she becomes the holder of secrets and lies that are more and more difficult to hide. Ambulance Sam haunts her dreams as their long distance love affair begins to wither, Josh (the American version of Will) is determined to capture her attention and her love for vintage clothes and originality still make her heart skip a beat. In Me Before You readers were left hyperventilating, After You let us know Louisa was trying hard but didn’t knock us down and finally Still Me is a beautiful, fun, uplifting finale for a girl come full circle trying to figure out the most important question a person can ask; This is your LIFE, what are you waiting for? Highly recommend this latest novel by author Jojo Moyes. Sure to bring some smiles round for her beloved fans.

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