Saturday, December 24, 2016

Don't Tell Me What To Do, Just Send Money

This book is not a novel, not a self-help – it’s a parent bible. (My son noticed it on the counter and said “Not too subtle, Mom!”) Distributed at many college orientations (thank you @LauraFulton) I have referred to its advice too many times to count. With 2 (completely opposite!) kids away at school, I thought I was a professional for guiding them through the insanely difficult application process, but alas, my job was not complete. Like navigating any long distance relationship, kids away at school is no different, including the grandparents advice mystified because “we just didn’t do things that way.” With the instantaneous, constant, helpful - yet annoying new modes of communication, let’s just say this is definitely NOT 1984. Each easy to read, short chapters address an issue, detailing what you are thinking, what your student is thinking and what you should and should not do. I started this book with my “all knowingly, I know my child” of 18 years and then realized, I know nothing. Who is this creature and what is he doing? (Did I do that???) My first thought was, my poor parents, I owe them a huge apology J My second thought was I am giving this book to every parent I know! #1 You think you know and you DON’T!! #2 It does make you feel better to know others suffer the same EXACT way #3 Get this book BEFORE you drop them off which will completely tear your heart out while your husband plans the party – which will make you cry even harder. I originally got it from the library then bought on Amazon used for a few dollars realizing I’d be referring to it for quite some time. #4 Dad will most likely not read it so be prepared to read portions out loud for his benefit and yours. #5 Good Luck!

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