Thursday, December 29, 2016

Born A Crime

Most of you know Trevor Noah as the new host and late night comedian of The Daily Show. His fabulous new memoir called Born A Crime shares his life growing up in South Africa. A wonderful storyteller, I was mesmerized by his incredible intelligence, good humor, kind heart and loving and fascinating relationship with his mother. Trevor shares his childhood through different scenarios of what it was like to grow up in Johannesburg, spending much of his earliest years inside, as it was a crime to have a black mother and white father. He shared an intermittent but not unkind closeness with his Dutch father and never stopped searching for the place to be himself. Since his lighter skin made it tough for him to fit in with most communities, he quickly learned that common language helped put people at ease. Trevor became fluent in quite a few. Most stories are from Trevor’s earlier years ending with him in his twenties; Deejaying, hosting radio shows, stand-up comedy shows etc, the very beginning of his career. The reader gets a glimpse of the the Trevor you enjoy on t.v. today but honestly, I just cannot wrap my head around this feisty kid that at times barely had enough to eat, endured an abusive stepfather and oftentimes slept in the back seat of a car – with the public, funny man we see today. Just brilliant. No matter how tough times became Trevor kept his spirits high, his sense of humor -always - and his devotion to his mother, everlasting. Highly recommend this fabulous read.

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  1. I have this on my TBR list and think it might be a good audio pick for me. I've heard such great things!