Friday, January 13, 2017

The Bookseller

The year is 1963, a small town in Colorado, a lovely little bookshop. Kitty and Freida find themselves in their late thirties, single and running their own business. They were high school best friends and although their lives are quiet, they are deeply content. They never married or had children but do not see themselves as the spinster’s that the era makes them out to be. Kitty’s duplex, within walking distance of the store, is a colorful charming home she shares with her faithful cat Aslan and her parents, whom she is very close to, live nearby as well. Lately, when Kitty goes to sleep at night she dreams of a world, quite similar to her own but not her own. Each night she goes deeper and deeper into her dreams. Waking up shaken as the dreams become filled with more and more impossible coincidences. At first, what seem to be fun episodes into this dreamy world with an equally dreamy man - begin to seriously frighten her. Kitty’s sense of time and space is completely off kilter. She does not know who to confide in without sounding completely crazy. This incredible novel by author Cynthia Swanson is unputdownable. When I did put it down, I could not stop thinking about it. A love story about friendship, choices, family and time – throw in a bookstore and some readers and you could not ask for more. An unbelievably original format reminding me of The Time Travelers Wife, Sliding Doors and It’s A Wonderful Life. We all face the what if’s in life, the if I had a magic ball … Highly recommend this thoughtful story that will absolutely make you wonder and most certainly enjoy.

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  1. I loved The Bookseller, too! This is a great review and I hope it has a few more people reading Swanson's book!