Monday, October 10, 2016

The Hopefuls

Matt and Beth Kelly, a young couple living in NYC have an opportunity they cannot pass up. Since he was a young boy Matt has always dreamed of a life in politics. He is opting to leave his big law firm and follow his dreams to begin anew in Washington. Beth, the ever supportive young wife tries her very best to put aside her fears and support his endeavors. DC is a world unto itself, different from anything Beth could have ever imagined or prepared for. Struggling to fit in, find a job, make new friends and avoid the constant White House employee chatter is proving rather difficult on every level. Things change overnight the day they meet Jimmy Dillon and his wife Ash. They are beautiful and from Texas, which apparently is more unto itself than even DC. They are loud, fun, smart and change the Kelly’s life overnight. This funny, thoughtful novel follows these two young couples through the ups, downs and spins that DC puts on everything and everyone. Padded with politics, The Hopefuls is about growing up, accepting change and learning to give and take in your relationships and career. Fabulous author Jennifer Close has written a funny, heartfelt novel with unforgettable sharp witted characters. FIVE STARS ***** I don’t know why I had any hesitation when this first came out, I absolutely LOVED it!!

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  1. I really liked this one too and especially loved her skewering of douchey DC politicos. Didn't love the ending, though.