Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paris For One & Other Stories

Nell makes an awful lot of lists for a young, carefree girl who is sadly not carefree at all. She is meticulous at home and at work, a bit compulsive and desperate for the love and romance found in novels. Nell settles into a relationship with a local bloke named Peter who works in a surf wear shop. Her friends do not approve. But he is laid back, adorable and she hopes his relaxed nature will ultimately rub off on her. Nell reaches completely out of her comfort zone and arranges a surprise romantic Paris weekend - to which Peter never arrives. Alone and nervous in a strange city, Nell begins her weekend counting her minutes to leave and ends wanting to stay there forever. This novella would be too easy to ruin, so I will say no more. It is delightful as are the short stories that follow in the latest work by my favorite author Jojo Moyes. I hesitated to read this one, as sometimes short stories leave me hanging for more but I found I could just read these all day long (and I did!) Thank you Jojo Moyes for sharing your beautiful imagination with us all!! Highly recommend as a holiday gift or for yourself.

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