Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This is Not the Abby Show

Abby thinks her English teacher is the meanest and worst teacher in the whole middle school and in the entire world. He is ruining her life! When Abby fails English class she has to go to summer school. She does not get to go to Theater camp. She is grounded and she mistakenly has TNTRML (The Night That Ruined My Life!) Now she has lost her spot in camp to Caitlin, lost her boy crush Brett and has to sit with a group of complete dorks for the entire summer studying Shakespeare.

Abby has ADHD and it’s hard for her to sit still. It’s hard for her to be quiet. She has this uncontrollable habit of saying whatever pops into her head, funny or not. Most of Abby’s energies are channeled into theater and sports. When her medication works well, she excels at most subjects and gets through her day with only a few lost homework’s, missing pencils and forgotten tests. But Abby is tired of apologizing every single day. A lot of her foot tapping and shouting out in class is truly not her fault. But it is her doing and Abby needs to learn some management skills so that she can shine like the talented star she was meant to be.

With laugh out loud humor, sensitive friendship issues and even the beginning of her first real “like,” This is Not the Abby Show is as entertaining as it is educational. No matter our age, we are all subject to scrutiny of friends, neighbors or coworkers for being different. Acceptance= kindness and without it we are a melting pot that is boiling over. You don’t have to be in 7th grade to appreciate the lessons in this beautiful, enjoyable story. Family sticks together. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you criticize. There are different ways to learn. And most importantly, everyone deserves a second chance.

I highly recommend this incredible new book by talented author Debbie Reed Fischer. The description says this is for ages 9-12. I say it’s more like 5-100. Your kids can read this. You can read this to or with your kids. And if you are a mom, a dad, an aunt, a big brother, a grandparent, a teacher or a friend to anyone then this is for you too. A life lesson to be reminded how we are all in this together.

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