Monday, June 27, 2016

The Girls in the Garden

There is a hidden park in the middle of London, in the center of a small private community. It is an oasis for children and some families have lived there for generations. A new family has moved into a small flat. The mom is named Clare with two young daughter Pip and Grace. They are on the cusp of teenhood and the “gang” or cliques that run through the garden include them in their fun and games right from the start. The Howes family are the beautiful people; with 3 daughters they homeschool and one of the biggest houses in the community. Clare’s daughters are instantly intrigued by their warmth and hospitality, as they are missing their father very much. There is a fine line between beauty and terror in this park that is both inviting and intriguing. Even in this idyllic setting there lies a history of events, some better left unsaid. But as summertime approaches, the days are longer and the girls seem to disappear more and more into this little world. Something is happening and Clare tries her best to keep them away from what she can’t quite name. Though she puts forth her best efforts there is no stopping this emotional rollercoaster they all find themselves on. Who did what to whom in this suspenseful figure out UNPUTDOWNABLE novel. Incredible author Lisa Jewell once again captures the reader into the lives of these characters from the very first chapter. This novel was the perfect beach read to take you away. I was in London, in the park with the girls, looking for clues. LOVED this #summerread2016

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