Monday, April 25, 2016

As Close To Us As Breathing

It is 1948 and three sisters spend the summer in their childhood cottage on “Bagel Beach,” a small vacation enclave on the shores of Woodmont, Connecticut. Ada, Vivie and Bec had been coming to this small Jewish community for their entire lives. With their parents long gone the sisters now enjoy the weekends with each other and the children; Vivie’s teenage daughter Nina and Ada’s son’s Howard and Davy and daughter Molly. A terrible tragedy occurs that summer and completely changes their lives and each of their futures. With chapters reflecting back to their childhood and the events that made them who they are, the sister’s illustrate how each and every decision affects our destiny and the people closest to us.  I was deeply immersed in this generational saga. It perfectly captured this typical family and each character was fully imaginable; their voices rang in my ears for days. I highly recommend As Close To Us As Breathing, beautifully written by Elizabeth Poliner. Every family has a history and each relationship is stronger and more meaningful than we may ever realize. It is only when putting the pieces of the past together and passing on those stories that we can get a glimpse of our ancestors, who they really were and ultimately who we are.

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