Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Nest

The Plumb family have been patiently waiting for their sister Melody to turn forty. On her birthday a trust falls into effect for the Plumb siblings. Leo, Beatrice, Jack and Melody come from quite the dysfunctional family. Their reserved father who died rather young left a small “Nest” for his children, not so they wouldn’t have to ever work, but just enough for a comfortable gift a little later in life. Their incredibly distant, cold mother oversteps her boundaries when tragedy strikes Leo’s life and drains The Nest to fund his settlement. Leo finds himself in a precarious position facing serious charges and rehab that slowly place all the siblings against each other. And so begins the tumultuous rollercoaster of their relationships, each quietly disappointed in Leo, whom they all revered and the money they secretly had already spent. In New York this artsy, talented family tries hard to find their way through the mess of life back to each other and the familial bond that one hopes is always on your side. I highly recommend this creative, fun, kind of crazy family that you kind of love even when they are hard to understand. Fabulous writing, author Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, wow! Great job, will definitely be waiting for your next one!

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