Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two If By Sea

On Christmas Eve Frank Mercy’s life changes forever. He is an ex-cop/current horse trainer living in Brisbane, Australia. Having run off to escape his misery when an accident dismantled his beloved career and left him with an awful limp, Frank has finally found happiness and love. His recent marriage to Natalie and her beloved close-knit family has filled Frank’s life back up with more emotional connections than he ever dreamed possible. Until Christmas Eve, when he left his beautiful bride for only a small walk and a tsunami destroyed their entire world. On a volunteer rescue mission, during complete and utter chaos Frank saves a little boy named Ian. He cannot resist this small silent boy who was orphaned by this horrible calamity. Law abiding Frank decides to follow his heart instead of the rules and now his life, his future has irretrievably changed course forever. Home in Wisconsin on the family farm Frank comes back to life, he meets and trains Claudia, an Olympic hopeful. His family is extremely supportive and thrilled to have him near once again. But Ian is “special” and as the piles of lies and stories begin to muck up their lives, the difficult truth emerges and so do the bad guys. I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful page-turner filled with love, family, friendship and a little boy who could change the world and everyone in it. Highly recommend this fabulous new read!

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