Monday, March 7, 2016

The Vegetarian

Life in South Korea seemed simple to Yeong-Hye.
A quietly married girl. Sensible. A wonderful cook and obedient wife. Her husband seemed to have the best intentions, although they had nothing to do with her happiness. She never complained, until the nightmares began. Recurring horrible dreams containing misunderstood violence and a lot of blood, force Yeong-Hye to become a vegetarian. She cannot eat meat, look at meat or be near anyone with meat. Her husband does not understand. Her restrictive family thinks she is losing her mind. And very slowly and sadly she does. Yeong-Hye’s sister tries her very best to understand her as she fades away both physically and mentally. She loves her sister. Even when Yeong-Hye’s husband abandons her and she herself is betrayed by her own artistic good for nothing husband, she wants to save Yeong-Hye, from her worst enemy, herself. This was a very beautifully written narrative of a young woman’s choices, the ones we make, and the ones out of our control. It is a simple thought provoking and unique look at a life, here, there or anywhere. It is a strange story, but I liked it.

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