Thursday, March 3, 2016

Home Sweet Anywhere

Author Lynne Martin says “Postpone Nothing.” I say,
after reading her terrific memoir, I couldn’t agree more! This easy to read, well organized book is a glimpse into the adventures Lynne and Tim Martin, who have (at 70) retired and decided to live the home free life. They sell most of what they own; including their home, cars and many of their belongings (some of course goes into storage) – with their laptops and one bag each the Martins travel around the world staying in places that most of us only dream of. They are adventurous yet practical and Tim is an excellent planner. The internet helps with detailed travel arrangements and obtain a lot of good advice and tips which the Martins openly share. But most of their lessons are learned on the road and with the excitement there are also moments of stress and annoyance, as to be expected. They begin with a repositioning cruise from Florida to Europe. In some countries they opt to rent furnished apartments for weeks and in others they stay in various hotels for shorter stays. Sometimes they are in the heart of a city and often they are driving on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the lane and looping endlessly around traffic circles that seem to never end. Both avid readers, writers and art lovers who enjoy trying new foods and meeting new people, I devoured their experiences and immediately began my wish list. For someone who travels mostly through books, I may break out of my shell yet. Well, a girl can dream! Highly recommend this fun, exciting peek into a wonderful experience of living home free!

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