Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jack of Spades

Andrew Rush is famous. He is a bestselling author living with
his beloved wife in a magnificent, historic home in a quaint New Jersey town. Children grown and semi-independent, Andrew has more money than he ever dreamed possible. As far as fame goes, there is that fellow named Stephen King. Andrew remains a bit elusive, even to his wife, who works at a local school to keep busy and give him the privacy he demands. One day Andrew receives a court summons. It seems someone local (how dare they! - he is Andrew Rush!) has filed a civil complaint against him for theft and plagiarism. He is aghast. He is flummoxed, embarrassed that such a thing could exist and dare to even mention his name. And he cannot let it go. When the publishers city savvy NY attorney says to "stay away" and let him handle it, Andrew cannot. And so begins the intricate theme of this suspenseful and provoking mystery. It is not about liking the characters at all but in the true essence of a thriller - simply trying to figure them out. This is a quick, easy read. Joyce Carol Oates is a flawless creator of stories which flow and twist and turn and won't let you off until the ride ends. LOVED this complex novel that gripped me until the very last page. It was truly unputdownable! Perfect #summerread  

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