Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Book of Aron

The book of Aron, narrated by a young boy in Poland lives
in the Jewish Ghetto as a scavenger on the outskirts of society during WWII. This novel is a short glimpse of everyday life being stripped away from anyone who was Jewish. For a small band of kids, some of the misery, heartache and fears of the time are replaced by mischievous outings to smuggle in anything they can get their hands on. Escaping the police and soldiers day after day by slipping through the restricted cracks becomes an art for these fearless kids. When Aron loses everyone he loves and all seems utterly hopeless he stumbles upon Pan Doctor whom he recognizes from a radio show. The doctor is running an orphanage and focused on keeping as many children as possible alive. With little food, as death, disease and filth surround them, Aron becomes his helper/companion and his goal becomes to turn the tables and save the doctor. Heartbreakingly sad story told through the eyes of the children and a city demolished by war and hatred, underneath it all, Aron is just a kid. One cannot help but wonder how you could possibly survive, and if you were one of the lucky ones to "survive" how is it possible to keep on living? Unique writing style of a time in history I read again and again, it never fails to wake up a piece of me that just cannot believe this actually happened.

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