Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mapmaker's Children

Historical fiction at it's best, The Mapmaker's Children has all
the ingredients that are sure to capture your heart. Sarah Brown, daughter of infamous abolitionist John Brown, is an intelligent, feisty young woman who accidentally overhears her father's conversation with his fellow Underground Railroad conspirators. From that moment on Sarah wants to help the cause; she wants her life to have purpose and meaning, and unlike most women of the time she passionately wants to be involved in this very dangerous task of fighting slavery. Sarah begins to paint maps to help the slaves find their way north using pictures instead of words. Her talent and bravery take her to Harper's Ferry where her father is imprisoned and put to death as America's north and south battle for freedom. It is in New Charlestown, Virginia that Sarah meets Freddy, the preachers son, the love of her life. Over 150 years later, we meet Eden. Eden and Jack are new to this quaint town. They purchase a restored home that holds secrets they could have never imagined. As Eden and Jack struggle through their own personal marriage issues they begin to love this town, their neighbors and slowly find their way back to their true hearts. Each chapter switches back and forth between two brave strong women who are both searching for meaning in their lives, battling demons from the past and forging better tomorrows. I absolutely devoured this easy to read, unputdownable saga. Thoroughly enjoyed the authors brief accounting of her journey and discovery of this story that was told with a lot of love and a lot of research! Highly recommend this fabulous summer read to take you away on a short journey through time. Enjoy!

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