Monday, June 22, 2015

The Royal We

Reading The Royal We was like a eating a bag of candy
in the movies, no calories in the dark. Rebecca Porter is an American who has left Cornell to spend a year abroad studying at Oxford. (Okay, you had me at hello!) Unbeknownst to Bex, she is to take a room down the hall from Prince Nicholas (Nick), heir to the throne. The other rooms are filled with a quirky adorable bunch of characters that while most incredibly loyal to the protection and privacy of Nick, surely know how to make certain he has fun too! They immediately bring Bex into their little clan. And so begins a sweet friendship and delicious romance between two "kids" that just want to be themselves - not their siblings, and not what their parents necessarily want them to be. Their romance moves through years of turmoil, good and bad, secrets and outrageous events until decisions are made and tears are shed. Through it all Bex and Nick learn a lot about themselves and the world around them. They learn about family and loyalty and hope and love. Along the lines but not exactly - Prince William and Kate (I truly did not follow their personal story) - the reader is immersed in a farfetched world that is not so farfetched. This novel is light, easy, funny, well written and a complete joy to immerse yourself in on a hot summers day. Just delicious!  Well done girls! Cheerio!

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