Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Divorce Diet

Abigail is a twenty something woman with an infant, a beautiful
new home, an amazing talent for cooking and a lying cheating selfish scoundrel of a husband, Thad. After never quite losing the baby weight she decides she is going to lose the weight the Natural way through a Life Journey. She begins to follow a hysterical path, guided by some spiritual diet guru, through a diet that will change her life forever. No, excuse me, not a diet - a life journey. As Abigail makes fun of the rubber steam chicken, and weighing inedible cardboard meals, she tracks all of this in her food diary, and slowly her life begins to unravel. Thad wants a divorce, Rosie, her magnificent child is not crawling, she has no discretionary funds, no means to make a decent living and finds herself at home with her stoic (but generous) parents eating frozen dinners and watching bizarre tv every evening while they contemplate absolutely nothing. Swearing she is not a reflection of her parents, will not be a reflection of the middle aged waitress she meets at her new job (waiting tables in a chain restaurant!) and wanting so very badly to change her life, Abigail slowly learns who she really is. Her food journal becomes a reflection of her true self. Ellen Hawely tells this tale in a easy to read, diary-like format. She is humorous and sensitive and honest. For any woman who has ever been on a diet or wanted to grow up to have (more!) this is an easy enjoyable read that you will not put down. Similar humor of a Bridget Jones you certainly don't need to be getting divorced or be on a diet to relate to these funny likable characters. The moral of the story is only YOU can change YOU.

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  1. "only YOU can change YOU" This is a lesson that I think many people learn late in life. It was certainly the case for me.

    I'm glad you enjoyed following Abigail on her journey! Thanks for being a part of the tour.