Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mermaids in Paradise

Deb and Chip are a young couple living in Brentwood, about to get married. Chip is a
muscular good looking jock embracing a kind heart and unique sense of humor while Deb portrays an out of the box beauty with enough wit and intellect for them both. Together they are planning the last details of their wedding and subsequent honeymoon. Hounded by Chip's difficult demanding mother and Debs "ironic" lifelong friend Gina, each part of their tale is filled with a dry comedy normally found in English novels. When the happy couple arrives on the Caribbean island they booked for a week of romantic bliss; the rocking dinner table, mid western eating partner with a foot fetish and marine biologist specializing in Parrot fish really throws their honeymoon for a loop. Deb and Chip had no idea just how far this bizarre scenario would turn out when they get caught up in a mermaid tale/kidnapping/murder taken from a very bad B movie. The story is well written, funny and I even liked the characters but as I turned each page I kept hoping it was the last. Not a good sign. Sorry, reader friends, can't recommend this one.

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